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Register Company (Sdn Bhd) in Malaysia for RM1,899 only.

We provide reliable Company Incorporation services. We guide you through the incorporation process to ensure incorporating your company at competitive

Company Secretary

We provide compliance and advisory services on the companies’ laws and regulations under the Malaysia Companies Act 2016.

Accounting & BookKeeping

An experienced accountant will be assigned to handle the book-keeping of your business. Our accountants which are all qualified in accounting field will be able to prepare the management account of your business on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

Company Secretary Malaysia

Company Secretary

The Companies act 2016 (“the Act”) makes it compulsory for companies to appoint a company secretary

Company Secretary

Advantages of Outsource Bookkeeping

Business owners are responsible for the accounts of the business and are accountable for its timely preparation for statutory submissions. We provide comprehensive book-keeping solution based on your business needs.

ACCURATE management accounts


EXPERT advisory & support on technical issues


NO talent retention issues

NO extra accounting software cost

Company Secretary

Company Secretary plays a vital role as an adviser to the Company and its Board of Directors who seek to derive financial returns while responding to perceived pressures from the marketplace.

The appointment of Company Secretary is statutorily required in Malaysia. He or she must be a qualified person under the Malaysian Companies Act, 2016.

The secretary is to be appointed by the board of directors and either himself or his agent or secretary is required to be present at the registered office of the company on the days and at the hours which the registered office is to be accessible to the public.

In most cases it is not practical for most small medium enterprises to engage full time secretaries. Instead, the service of an external secretary of a professional secretarial firm is engaged.

We offer company secretarial services in Malaysia ranging from new company formation and incorporation in Malaysia, provision of a registered office facilities, in preparation of all kinds of minutes, AGM, EGM, annual return and any related documents

We also offer the latest updates on legislative changes and ensure all compliance need are taken care of including:

Incorporation and set up of private limited companies

Compliance and regulatory process and procedures of the Companies Act 2017

Appointment as Company Secretary

Regulatory and Industry Compliance requirements

Provision of Registered Office facilities

As a member of MAICSA the following for Good Governance Guides: No 2.1

Category:Company Secretary
Subject:Roles and Duties of the Company Secretary
Source:Chartered Secretaries Malaysia

The roles and duties of the company secretary have evolved over the years and with the change secretaries named in the registers of companies find themselves now fitting the role of advisors to a company. They are constantly relied upon by the members of the board for guidance and advise on matters that may relate to the company or to their position as members of the Board. Company secretaries in guiding their members have to be familiar with the many legislatures and regulations that govern a particular company. These guidance notes serve as a guide for company secretaries to follow in the discharge of their duties to the board members, shareholders and stakeholders and should be applied as good practices, where applicable. These guides are not exhaustive and may be varied or change with the different circumstances under which the companies operate

This material is subject to Copyright. The Good Governance Guides indicate what in our view is one interpretation of good practice. They are not designed to cover off or comply with all applicable legislation or case law. We cannot be held liable or accountable to any person who acts or relies upon the information provided. The guides are not a substitute for professional advice. We welcome any recommendations that will improve the content of our Good Governance Guides.

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