Register New LLP in Malaysia start from RM2,500 only

Hoo Secretarial Services is a professional services provider to serve as a one-stop solution for your business. We offering you the most affordable price for register new Limited Liability Company (LLP) package conducted with the highest level of excellency.  LLP is combines the characteristics of private companies and conventional partnerships. LLP provides limited liability status to its partners and offers the flexibility of internal rules through agreements between partners. 

Our Package for Register new LLP start from RM2,500 as follows:-

1. One Name Search. (Value@30-00) in Myllp Portal
(RM50-00 per addition name search)
2.Registration Fee payable to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM)
3.Stamping Fee of Partnership Agreement – 2 Copies. RM10-00
per addition copy. (Value@RM20-00)
4.Purchase of Certificate of Register of LLP & LLP Profile from SSM to open Bank Account
(Send by email to Client (Value@RM45-00)
5.Preparing & submission of document for Formation of LLP
including drafting of standard Partnership Agreement & other
document. (Value@RM1,000-00)
6.Copy of LLP Act, Regulation,
Final Scan Copy of LLP Agreement by email.
7.Copy of Standard Document:
i) Standard Partnership Agreement
ii) Certificate of LLP & detail document from SSM
8.Client (Partner) need to be COMPLIANCE OFFICE (CO)
9.Others : Printing & Stationery
Travelling Expenses-SSM, Stamping office
Telephone, Fax & Courier Charges on Formation

Register New LLP

Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / Perakuan Pendaftaran Perkongsian Liability Terhad (PLT) – 2019

Form of LLP Registration 2019

Form of LLP Registration Page No 1/2

Detail of Form LLP Registration

  • Name of LLP Name
  • Nature of Business
  • Compliance officer
  • Partner Information
  • Attachment – Partnership Agreement
  • Fees
Form of LLP Registration Malaysia

Form of LLP Registration Page No 2/2

LLP Partnership Agreement Stamped

LLP Partnership Agreement Stamped 2019

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