How to Appeal LLP Compound

Start from April 2023, SSM had issue compound to LLP compliance officer who fail to do lodgement of Annual Declaration (AD) within 90 days after the Financial year end of the LLP.

As refer to below sample of LLP compound in respect of failure to lodge the Annual Declaration.

LLP Compound SSM

You may ask can we reduce LLP compound with SSM? The answer is yes, you can reduce the LLP compound via submission appeal letter in the Myllp portal.

Appeal LLP Compound with SSM

If you appeal without submission of up to date Annual Declaration (AD), SSM officer only approved 30% discounted rate from RM2,000 to RM1,400.

Good news for you that if you submit AD up to date and LLP compound will be reduce to RM400 each that mean 80% discounted rate given.

We hope this can help those LLP Compliance officer want to reduce the LLP compound.

For your information if you want to start winding up LLP, you need to submit up to date AD and settle all compounds with SSM.

We can provide the services of reduce compound and submission of AD for LLP Compliance officer. Call us for quote you for the price.

Our fee for assisting in winding-up of LLP is RM4,500 including advertisement fee and fee payable to SSM. If you need our assistance to obtain the CP7(PT) Form from IRBM, our fee is from RM500.

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