The LLP shall go through the process of voluntary winding up.

How to close a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
To Close LLP in Malaysia

At the point of applying for voluntary winding up, the LLP: –

  1. Must be dormant, i.e., neither carrying on a business nor operations. Even if the LLP was in operations in the past, it is most important that at the point of application, the LLP is already dormant.
  2. Has no bank account. Again, even if the LLP has bank accounts previously, all bank accounts have to be closed before proceeding with the application.
  3. Has no assets or liabilities. All assets would have been written off, and all liabilities have been settled or waived by the creditors, before the application. Ideally, the balance sheet will be showing the cash in hand amount to be the same as the capital contribution.
  4. Settled all penalties and compounds under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012.
  5. Has no outstanding tax or other liabilities with any government department or agency.
  6. Must Close the Epf, Socso, Eis, Sst, Hrdf & *Lhdn (Form LLP & E account)

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Guideline For Declaration of Dissolution in a Voluntary Winding Up of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Step by step guide as provided below before the application for a declaration of dissolution is made to the Registrar (SSM): –

Step 1: –     The LLP must be dormant or had ceased of business, no bank account, no assets and liabilities, settled all compounds and close the Epf, Socso, Eis, Sst, Hrdf.

Step 2: –     Submit (Last) PT Form to Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM)

Step 3: –     Submit CP7(PT) Form to obtain written notice from the IRBM to the effect that it has no objection to the Registrar making a declaration of dissolution of the LLP.

written notice from the IRBM LHDN declaration of dissolution of the LLP
Written notice from the IRBM – LLP

Step 4: –     Send the notice to all partners

Step 5: –     Make the publication of notice in the newspapers (Malay and English)

publication of notice in the newspapers (Malay and English) close down LLP
Publication of notice in the newspapers of Dissolution of LLP

Step 6: –     Submit Application for Declaration of Dissolution of LLP

Step 7: –     Submit Application for close PT Form to IRBM

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How much does it cost to close down LLP?

Our fee for assisting in winding-up of LLP is RM4,500 including advertisement fee and fee payable to SSM. If you need our assistance to obtain the CP7(PT) Form from IRBM, our fee is from RM500.

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