Why buying New or Aged ready-made shelf company?

A shelf company is a ready-made company which is available for sale; it has already been incorporated with SSM. There are many advantages and reasons to buy shelf company. There are two types of shelf company: New shelf company and Aged shelf company.

New Shelf Company

Why buying a New ready-made shelf company?

New Ready Made-Shelf Company

We have a number of New previously incorporated companies that have never traded. available for immediate transfer, and fully inclusive of all documentation.

Some reasons you may require a New shelf company:

  • Start Business – start your business immediately
  • Open Bank Account – you can open a corporate bank account immediately
  • Agreement – sign contract or agreement immediately
  • Statutory Documents – has all the required statutory documents
  • Company Profit – all company information already in SSM system

Aged Shelf company

Why buying an Aged shelf company?

Aged Shelf Company

The age of shelf company can affect the business you wish to conduct. The number of years a aged shelf company has been in existence may affect the confidence of potential business associates such as buyers, creditors or suppliers have in a company. (most lenders require a minimum of 2 and usually 3 years history in order to establish corporate credit history)

Some reasons you may require a Aged ready-made shelf company:

  • Bank – if you want to apply a bank loans, company credit cards and other credit facilities, an aged shelf company will be in better standing than a new incorporation
  • Corporate Image – company image and business history may be important, the longer a company has been in existence, the more credibility it can be said to have.
  • Distributors and manufacturers – often require a company to have been in business for a certain period of time before doing business
  • Consumer Confidence – to create an appearance of corporate longevity, which may boost investor or consumer confidence
  • Investment Capital – to gain access to investment capital
  • Corporate Credit – to gain easier access to corporate credit
  • Suppliers and Customers – will do business with an older company before a brand new one
  • Longevity – showing longevity and enhancing your image with customers and lenders
  • Government Contracts – may only be awarded to companies that have been trading for a number of years – an aged shelf company may be beneficial to secure these
  • Permits – to obtain a Business Visa or Work Permits for company directors is easier with an established company

Our shelf companies will all come with a certificate of non-trading confirming that they are free from liens, our shelf companies have no business debts or liabilities.

Please request a Formal Proposal from us before proceeding to buy any shelf company. (Call us to provide you more company list!)